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Class photos and other STLSP events.

STLSP Labcoats

Student labcoats waiting to be worn to hands-on clinical externship experiences at local labs and hospitals

STLSP Facility

Our simulation exam room features equipment for patient care, specimen collection, and other critical hands-on skills

STLSP Facility

Our primary classroom where students will take many STLSP programs, including Phlebotomy and Accelerated Phlebotomy

STLSP Facility

Our secondary classroom with desks waiting to be filled with EKG and Clinical Medical Assisting students

STLSP Facility

The STLSP classroom, ready for the November 2014 new Phlebotomy students to arrive

STLSP Student Practicing Draws

A phlebotomy student practices her venipuncture skills prior to the final exam in the Phlebotomy program

STLSP Facility

Come visit STLSP on Chouteau Ave. just off Grand, near the SLU Medical Campus

Phlebotomy Graduating Class January 2015

The students from the first graduating Phlebotomy class of 2015 pose for a picture after taking their final exam