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On-Site Training at Healthcare Facilities

Many healthcare facilities identify a need for in-training for current staff or new hires and aren't sure where to start. STLSP offers comprehensive and flexible on-site training services for healthcare facilities. This type of training can be built around the schedules of your staff and only teaches the skills and knowledge identified by your management as necessary. Rather than paying to send each employee through a longer program which will contain redundancies and incur unnecessary costs to the facility budget, utilizing STLSP's on-site training services keeps costs low and education targeted. On-site training can be a short as a 2-hour workshop or involve several weeks of repeated sessions for more in-depth or complex coverage of material. STLSP assigns an instructor to come to your facility to perform the training based on the skills needed.

Examples of on-site training performed by STLSP staff members at local healthcare facilities in the past include:

A county health department wanted their phlebotomists to go through a refresher course on current best-practices with an emphasis on safety
A specialty practice employed MAs of varying educational attainment and wanted to unify practices so they offered on-site training on vitals and specimen collection after hours
A local community health screening non-profit needed volunteers trained in point of care testing for HIV using blood samples
A busy hospital lab wanted management trained on streamlining procedures for patient care and laboratory layout
A private practice employed RNs with minimal training in phlebotomy and wanted to offer their entire team a 2-day course in venipuncture technique
An ophthalmology practice implemented an imaging system that required infusion of a dye and needed their staff of medical technicians trained in the placement and use of intravenous infusion kits
A clinical research team had previously contracted an RN to take blood samples from study participants and had STLSP train the researchers to take the samples themselves in order to cut costs and improve flexibility

Whether your staff needs to brush up on current skills or learn an entirely new set of skills because of changing demands and technology, STLSP is happy to customize a training course to deliver to your staff on-site. STLSP also offers partnerships with contracted rates for employers who wish to send staff through the programs on campus at STLSP and can work with employers to make sure the staff learners are matched with the appropriate program enrollment based on the needs of their position.

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